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Main Exhibitions

Gallerie Gare à l'art

Paris 15th

Paris - New York - Kent Gallery

Kent, USA

Today's Big and Young Fair

Grand Palais - Espace Tour Eiffel-Branly, Paris

3rd Large Contemporary Art Market

Espace Champerret, Paris

Gallery Absolute Art

Gand, Belgique

Sparta Gallery

Paris 6ème

Linéart Salon Gand Gallery Absolute Art

Ghent, Belgium

Prague Fair

Prague, Czech Republic

Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery

Kent, USA

Press articles

" Desert streets, abandoned house, hotels of which only a few letters remain, witness of a not so distant past where life, man and with him all that is necessary to live, would have deserted... Their traces remain. Hervé Guilleux tirelessly brings to life what has been abandoned, tracing and retracing the dross of life, taking the opposite step to this desolation.  His vision travels the canvas, the support, describing a complex network, reconstituting the semantic layers of what remains after the disaster. The light remembers the drama, and it is through it that we feel the possible redemption"

Article by Santina Coereza


"Others have used motor oil as a medium but surely none as impressively as Mr Guilleux, who applies it with a house painter's brush cropped of its corners. [...] The artist has his lighter moments, as in the decorative, almost cozy kitchen, complete with table, chairs and shelves that are a patchwork of goods and utensils. But he is at his powerful best when the subject reeks of despair surrounded by litter and may itself be doubling as a rat's nest. [...] competence of the painter's realism belies his lack of formal training, yet, thanks to the strange intensity of his images, he remains something of an outsider. Though never one to withhold praise where it is due, Mr Kaplan outdoes himself by pronouncing his "find "the first "extraordinary young talent" he has seen in France "

The New York Times, by Vivien Ranor

" Using a highly original technique, this draftsman creates compositions that are vibrant with nostalgia. In spite of its dereliction, the universe he describes transpires of humanity, of ghostly presences. Guilleux even goes so far as to represent a pile of tires that his talent metamorphoses with a poetic breath. The pictorial in his work transcends the picturesque. It is not the subject but the look that matters. "

Article de Luis Porquet

"Heavy wood, painted solely in black and white house paint, where the only color was given by the motor oil of his very old car! Amazing technique "

Kent Good Times Dispatch

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